Green Turquoise Jewelry

Green Turquoise JewelryThere are very few things that are more stunning, captivating, head-turning and breathtaking than green turquoise jewelry. No matter what style, type, design or variation, green turquoise jewelry never fails to leave a lasting impression behind. It also leaves most with a desire to know more and what the story is behind the stones.

The history of green turquoise jewelry in many ways is almost as beautiful as the pieces themselves.

History of Green Turquoise Jewelry

In the United States, the history of most green turquoise jewelry began just before the start of the 20th century. While some would argue and consider it to be more of a newer and somewhat more modern development, it is believed Native Americans began creating most green turquoise jewelry in the late 1800s.

The desire to begin making jewelry was due in part to the influence of European fashion during the time period. Native Americans. however, did use the stone for plenty of other purposes prior to creating jewelry. Aztecs would use turquoise and various other stones to create knives, shields and masks. Turquoise was also used in creating works of art.

Green Turquoise Jewelry Today

Those in search of green turquoise jewelry today could typically find just about anything their heart desires. Whether it be classic and traditional or more current and modern pieces, there promises to be something for everyone looking. Specially hand-crafted rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants are just some of the things that are now available to anyone.

Green turquoise jewelry is by no means only just for women, as there are dozens upon dozens of pieces that are also available for men. While there is plenty of jewelry featuring blue and other variations of turquoise, something about green turquoise jewelry has a tendency to stand out from the rest.

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