Green Turquoise Mines

turquoise-mineGreen turquoise mines produce some of the most beautiful stones in the world. There are several green turquoise mines located in many parts of the west coast of the United States, with Nevada being the leader of the pack.

While the United States would be considered by some as rich in green turquoise mines, locations in other parts of the world are better known for their other shades of stones.

Stones From Green Turquoise Mines

Green turquoise is formed because of the level of iron that is present in the mineral. When there’s a high level of iron, the stone will be much greener in appearance. This is due in part to the iron replacing the aluminum in the stone. Turquoise will be a brighter shade of blue when the stone has a higher level of copper. When a stone has a yellowish-greenish appearance, it means that there is a high concentration of zinc.

Locations of Green Turquoise Mines in the U.S.

Many of the world’s best and greatest green turquoise mines are located in America. The state of Nevada is a hot bed for these green turquoise mines. The newer Ajax mine produces predominantly dark green stones. Also located in Nevada is the Pilot Mountain mine, which houses discoveries that feature light blue and dark green on the very same stone. Other green turquoise mines in Nevada include Carico Lake and Red Mountain. You can also find green turquoise mines in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Green Turquoise Mines Outside the U.S.

Mines located outside the United States are not typically noted for green turquoise. Iran, for instance, is widely recognized for having some of the best blue stones on Earth. Other areas such as China, Australia, and Egypt are known for producing turquoise, but they too are not typically recognized for producing green stones.

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