Green Turquoise Meaning

green-turquoise-meaningGreen turquoise meaning doesn’t vary all that much from traditional notions surrounding turquoise stones of all colors and varieties.

Green turquoise meaning also varies depending on what part of the world a particular legend or mystical belief comes from. In many parts of the world the stone is believed to be a powerful amulet of protection, warding off evil spirits and bad vibes. Some believe the stone is for:

  • Charm
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Psychic Awareness

Green turquoise meaning may have different significance depending on culture. For instance, Native Americans believe the stone is sacred and it is used for a number of important ceremonies. It grants good fortune and green turquoise meaning legends even state that if the stone is offered as a gift, the mystical supernatural powers will be transferred to the recipient.

Green turquoise meaning also states that the stone’s energy creates a very personal bond with the wearer and even develops and harbors many of the wearer’s characteristics. It’s intense to think that one small stone can hold so much meaning.

Do You Believe in Green Turquoise Meaning?

In addition to the spiritual aspects of green turquoise, it is a beautiful stone. But do you have an open mind to consider the powerful forced behind this magical stone.

Before you come to the conclusion that the meaning of green turquoise is a myth, consider all the people out there who have claimed otherwise. For thousands of years, green turquoise  has shaped cultures and civilizations and contributed to the rise of religions and their fall.

Cultures who had never come in contact with one another all believed green turquoise meaning and powers were real, and even went as far as to adorn their leaders in the stone. green turquoise meaning should not be dismissed. If you buy this stone, keep an open mind and an open heart – you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

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