Green Turquoise Earrings

green-turquoise-earrings How do you know if you’ve found a good pair of green turquoise earrings? The first indication should be the beauty. Are you pleased with how your green turquoise earrings look?

What are green turquoise earrings?

Green turquoise earrings are much like their blue counterparts, with some major differences. First, green turquoise earrings may feature stones in a variety of green shades and veining or webbing on the stones.

The depth of color in your green turquoise earrings will also tell you a lot about your jewelry. Are your green turquoise earrings a deep green color? If so, they may have come from Nevada, where green turquoise earrings are popular, since many of the mines produce green stones.

Green turquoise earrings are a beautiful addition to any collection and will really help you break away from the same old routine of blue stones and earrings. Keep in mind that green turquoise earrings may be a little hard to find because supplies are depleting at many mines.

What about green turquoise rings?

Green turquoise rings are also a great choice to add to any jewelry collection. There are so many awesome styles of green turquoise rings out there made by a variety of tribes and artists.

Of course, some of the most popular green turquoise rings and green turquoise earrings were made by native American tribes and tribal artists. These green turquoise rings can be found online or in shops and trading posts.

When looking for green turquoise rings, try to find one with beautiful webbing or veining. It really adds a lot of character to a ring and makes it a great gift idea, or a cool little something to get yourself.

Remember, green turquoise rings are a huge fashion statement – but they may not be around forever. No mine can keep producing turquoise forever – so don’t miss your chance!

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